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We can issue a full refund for orders returned within 30 days of purchase. All items must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and in their original packaging. Please note: After your first pair, we cannot accept returns for underwear that have been tried on or removed from their packaging. (You know...Sanitary type stuff.)

Please Contact Us with your order number or receipt to request a return by mail. 

It’s all about the fit, premium fabrics and real size craftsmanship. We use Lenzing Modal® (made of 100% natural beechwood) which is anti-microbial (minimizes stink), manages moisture and keeps you cool. When mixed with a long staple cotton it creates a plush, more luxurious feel.  Seams are flat designed to not chafe, and we use different materials to keep you comfortable when you do what you do. (High end nylons, Airflow mesh zones above the buttocks and between the legs.

Born in New York. Made in Portugal.

We designed our garments right here in New York City. Our signature blends of long staple cottons, Lenzing Modal®, Nylons and Lycra, is our mix of premium fabrics that we source globally. But we sought out premiere construction from the craftsmen and women in Portugal. They have been making luxury underwear for decades. It’s part of their DNA.  Its critical for us to have that kind of heritage in those producing our garments for this brotherhood. We know you’ll agree when you feel the comfort.

Performance Daily Wear

Gruff + Tumble is designed for sport, pleasure and the daily grind. So many of our wearers love how the garments performed within these different pursuits, they enjoy mixing things up. All our styles address the fit, comfort and performance needs for real size men. So feel free to try different styles when at the gym or grinding through a full day of doing what you do. We got you covered. Variety is always the spice of life.

Empowering Ethos

Honestly, what were most proud of is creating a brand that celebrates. That supports big men everywhere.When you embrace your expression. Share your swagger. Cause we see you.

To those who suit up and show up, we give head nods. We give pounds. We solute the bruises because shit happens. Just keep it moving. Our belief is we can push each other, and our product, forward each day.

Not yet but are creating one as we speak! To us, loyalty is a two-way street. We're really striving to show ours as soon as humanly possible. Give us a minute!

We get it. You can't really know how insane our underwear feels until you try it on, and we're confident you'll agree that it's like nothing else you've ever rocked. If you disagree, we'll issue a refund or store credit for the first pair you tried on so you can try a different size or style, on us. 

 The Try Us Guarantee is available within 30 days of purchase. To claim a Try Us Guarantee, Please Contact Us with your order number or receipt to request a return by mail. 

My name is Jonathan. I started this brand with a couple of like-minded brothers who were tired of not being offered enough premium options.

So we designed some badass boxer briefs in real sizes.

As well, Gruff + Tumble is about empowerment. Gruff embodies the idea of being straight with what you want. Mean what you say and say what you mean. And Tumble symbolizes the skillful art of movement, like gymnasts – daily physical feats as awesome big men. Smooth, impressive, awesome.

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We make size Large to 4XL exclusively. Our garment is made in only one factory so fit should be accurate and consistent.  Find the style and size you like, it will be just the same next time you order. If you have questions you can email us your measurements along with how you like to rock your underwear at  

Our underwear has its own size chart. You can locate it on the right side, to the right of the color and sizing options. Click on 'Size Guide, a pop-up will appear, and you can see our unique sizing.



Our range of Boxer Briefs are cut close to the body but designed specifically for larger size men. Choose your usual size.  If you fall between sizes, please reference the size chart to ensure the right size. 


The factory is a few miles outside Porto, Portugal. It's still run by the husband and wife who started the company over 40 years ago. Their drive has been consistent throughout their growth - making the best underwear possible and continue to improve the entire manufacturing process. 

We respect that. It's inline with our kind of focus and we forged a relationship because of it.  

Globally sourced premium fabrics, relentless R&D and care for their people that goes well beyond social responsibility. 'Made in Portugal' is cooler than ever. 

Drop us a line, seriously…we’d love to hear from you. Usually we can respond within 24 hours to emails sent Monday-Friday. However sometimes, life shows up and were troubleshooting something specific that requires our small team’s attention.  it may take a bit longer, so we beg for your patience – and trust, we’ll definitely hit you back.

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Currently we can ship orders placed through our website to the US and Canada. We are working HARD to expand our shipping worldwide in the near future!

The "apply promo code" option at checkout is basically for returns or exchanges for current customers. We feel like promo codes often suck for our customers because we don’t want you scouring the internet for shit that often doesn’t work. Instead, we work hard to make a product you feel is really worth spending on. We also like to show love when you shop with us. We appreciate you.  

Our Plan:

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These discounts are applied automatically as you shop, no need for any promo codes. Plus, meantime we’re working on an amazing loyalty program that were going toll roll out soon. Free shipping across the board, 20-30% discounts and a free date with the founder’s insanely hot wife.

Just kidding. He’s not married.

Btw, we don't partner with any coupon or discount websites, and you should call shenanigans on any promo codes posted on them as they are posted without our permission and cannot be honored. 

Sizing Guide

Gruff + Tumble Size & Fit
(waist measurement)













Sizing: We recommend going a size up for maximum comfort.