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"People will stare. Make it worth their while." - Harry Winston

You look good.

Now imagine you always looked good. Like every day. Your outfit always worked. Tailored slacks fit crisp. Shoes go perfectly. The watch makes a statement. Jacket, understated cool. Just a complete and confident style to your look.

And it happened every day.

And then imagine you didn’t do a thing to make it happen. It just did.

That’s the job of a wardrobe consultant. To make you look good. All the time.

Like personal trainers and a private therapist, wardrobe consultants can be amazingly beneficial. They help manage an aspect of your life that can be fraught with anxiety, take up a ton of time and frankly, they’re probably better at doing than you are – clothing your image.

It’s not about just picking nice, new clothes. They’re style experts. They work to elevate your style. They help find looks you never thought about. They lead you down the path of subtle changes that boost confidence. Gets all kinds of right attention. And can help you make money, land the position and get the girl.

Game changer shit.

This is true for all men, of all sizes. You don’t need to be GQ fly guy or a psycho trend chaser to benefit. These consultants work within and highlight your visual vibe and strengths. And then take it up a notch. 

This is especially so for real size men. Most “big and tall” guys (we hate that term!) have even less fashion options than smaller frame ones. Consultants can find the right 2X shirt or 3X luxury boxer briefs. And they can do it consistently, creating complete looks with genuine style.

Don’t you want someone in your corner like that?

We think you’re worth it. So, here’s the hit list of benefits to hiring a wardrobe consultant for your life.


Wardrobe consultants help you craft a visual brand.

Now more than ever, it’s critical. Even if you’re not as concerned as you should be about the image you present, other people care. Often a lot. Like it or not, most people formulate impressions of us without even knowing us. Lasting decisions about how they will work and do business with us. Often decided in split seconds. It’s a reality we need to present well. So, why not exceed expectations?


A consultant often helps introduce you to YOU.

The process involves several conversations. They ask a ton of smart questions. What you do for a living, the folks you interact with, the kind of music you listen and the places you travel. They size you up to develop a profile. Along that journey, a ton comes out.  Often your own perceptions get a chance to breathe. What do I value in people? Do I really need to impress this person? Am I trying too hard? It’s not a seismic shift or existential awakening, but it can shed light on jaded perspectives that may have outstayed their welcome. It’s a good thing!


A good image consultant is part of your Team.

You already have a bunch of folks that help manage things - Assistants, uber drivers, trainers, etc. These people work to help you manage better – your work, your body, and your life. A critical addition to consider is a professional to help you dress. Their role is to leverage years of experience to craft an image that exemplifies your strengths and positives.


You can actually rock ALL your gear.

How often has it happened?  Stark naked in front of a full closet. “I don’t have shit to wear.” The reality is, you have stuff but you're bored with it or it no longer fits. Or maybe there are pieces that no longer work with the newer items. A professional will sort your closet and determine what is worth keeping, tailoring or donating. This work informs the list of “gap items” that will complete your wardrobe.  

No more rogue garments that don’t work. The new clothing integrates with your existing wardrobe so it all works together. This breathes life into your style and evolves seamlessly to the outside world.

This efficiency is especially helpful for real size guys. With not nearly as many premium pieces available in larger sizes, an opportunity to keep items that work and fit is one you take. 

Business or personal travel packing? Handled!

Packing can suck. Last minute business trips that require nice options for different events can be stressful. What if you had a number of complete looks already figured out? All you do is move them from the closet to suitcase. Boom. It’s one less aspect to think about. And more importantly, it’s a confidence builder. Which translates into how you carry yourself and be the difference in closing a deal or not.


Your image consultant stays current on trends…and sales!

WC’s shop professionally. They have relationships with stores and follow trends. While you may not always need to be bleeding edge trendsetter, consultants know where to get that certain item at the best deal. They share with other consultants - markdowns, sample sales, and discount codes. They bring those deals and save you money! Often working on fixed rates, it’s in their best interest to get you the best deals.


An image consultant is more affordable than you think.

WC’s are no longer only for the rich and famous. In recent years, thousands of busy professionals have hired them. It’s not only more affordable than ever but the cost-benefit analysis is heavily in your favor.

There’s a couple payment structures out there - most work by the hour or more typically at a day rate. They are the coolest folks and often happy to negotiate rates on a retainer, particularly on an on-going basis for clients that need more than a couple times a month.

Depending on experience in the industry, they can charge anywhere from $30 – 175/hour or between $500 - $1500/day. Some also offer packages starting around $350.

Find one that works for you. Have a conversation. Interview them. Ask them a ton of questions. Find someone whose style suggestions make sense. Do some research. Look at their other clients and find looks that you like. That you can see you rocking.

End of the day, a wardrobe consultant should work within your personality, budget, lifestyle, and size. Super important that they are familiar dressing your general frame size. Larger, real size men need a particular level of experience to make their body look good.

Find someone who has worked with “big & tall” clients in the past.

A consultant not only elevates of your style. They impart information and knowledge that you can use for a lifetime. You can share it with friends and family. Even show your lady a few things.


You could eventually start taking your children style game up a notch!

The time and money a consultant will save you are immeasurable. Yes, it’s an investment. But the improvement to your overall confidence and the impressions you leave with others could make all the difference. Plus, the reality is…you’re worth it.

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